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Club Charter Form

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By filling out this form, you (President) are requesting that your school be considered for school affiliation. You are stating you understand the following legal requirements and school regulations that are now being observed and will continue to be observed in the future: 1. All school-affiliated clubs shall have open membership. 2. The primary objectives of the school-affiliated clubs are either educational objectives or service to the school. Clubs whose major purpose is social will not be recognized. 3. Club recognition is on a year-to-year basis. 4. No initiations of any kind are permissible under the state law. This charter is held subject to all rules and regulations for student organizations and conditions stated in the application for a charter. Violation of any of these provisions will be sufficient cause for the charter to be revoked.
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Club/Organization Constitution


a. This organization will be known as: Next Generation Club
b. The purpose of this organization is: For students to experience life transformation through Jesus Christ, grow in their faith, and make an impact in their generation.
c. The organization will accomplish this by: Equipping and empowering students to initiate a campus club that offers encouragement and biblical guidance through life-giving mentors.
d. Meetings be be held:(Required)
e. The organization’s sponsor will be: Next Generation Clubs(Required)
Organization Regional Coordinator:
Column Organization Mentors:
Address: 5000 W Esplanade Ave #112
Metairie, LA 70006
Telephone: (504) 885-0980


a. Officers shall be elected by: The team of mentors, students, and school faculty.
b. Officers must: Attend club weekly, live a moral lifestyle, and maintain a C average GPA (2.0)

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